Having a website for your business/company is the very first step out into the online world. You have now opened the door to Narnia and have so far to explore out there in the big wide internet world. 

I’m happy to help you however I can! See below the new services I offer.

Online Booking

$ 500 Once off fee
  • Add an online booking system to your wordpress site with a Calendar Sync
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Online Booking Software
  • 2 way Calendar Sync Software

Google Business

$ 60 From...
  • Sign your business up to Google Business so the world can find you
  • Set up and Verification
  • Additional:
  • Google Business Management
  • Google ads
  • Google adsense
  • Google analyics

Facebook Ads

$ 25 From...
  • Struggle to make images or moving graphics for your Facebook ads?
  • Coloured MP4 or Graphics
  • Additional:
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Ad Text
  • Ad Configuration and Posting

Logo Design

$ 50 From....
  • Have an idea but cant put it on paper?
  • Simple Logo Designs
  • Various File Types Supplied