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Meet Bob

Bob is a sole trader and has a small company. Most days Bob is out and about running his plumbing company, he doesn’t have time to sit in front of a computer and create an online presence. Bob knows that he can maximize his business by having it available online, but doesn’t understand how the whole ‘internet’ thing works. Bob is now very frustrated as he has spent his whole evening trying to look up what he needs and still can’t figure out what his next step is.  Bob is pretty close to giving up on his ‘website’ venture.

One of Bob’s friends then suggested ‘Jesskas Easy Websites’. With easy in the name, it must be! So, Bob jumped straight online and to the website section. He selected a website plan, answered a few questions, and uploaded his logo. Some of the questions Bob did not know the answer’s too, but that is okay because that’s why I’m here. After a quick chat with Bob about the design and function of his website, together we developed a plan for me to work from. Bob’s job is now done! He can go on with his day to day jobs without worrying about any of this ‘internet’ stuff.

Look how happy Bob is. Not only did Bob get a fully functioning beautiful website to advertise his business, he gets emails straight to his mobile phone from online prospects and all for a low easy monthly cost.

Don’t be an angry Bob and contact me today to start your website adventure.

Jesskas Easy Website

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